Arcibiskup sudič : antiklerikální útoky proti arcibiskupu Theodoru Kohnovi

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The litigious Archbishop : anticlerical attacks on Archbishop Theodor Kohn
Zdrojový dokument: Studia historica Brunensia. 2015, roč. 61, č. 2, s. [89]-100
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    1803-7429 (print)
    2336-4513 (online)
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Soon after his appointment to the Archiepiscopal See (1892) the Archbishop of Olomouc Theodor Kohn (1845–1915) sought to economically consolidate his diocese, which also meant trying to ensure that no-one "carried out illegal business activities" on the archbishop's land. Kohn was involved in several legal disputes over property, and one particularly famous dispute with a farmer called Dubják, who utilized anticlerical circles to attack the church and its representatives, lasted several years. Other events put further pressure on Archbishop Kohn, and his case was even debated in the Austrian Parliament (April 1903). The only person to "back" Kohn in the press was Josef Svatopluk Machar. The case of Archbishop Kohn was utilized to great effect in anticlerical campaigns (e.g. in newspaper articles and the pamphlet "the tyranny of Archbishop Kohn and the nature of clericalism"). All of these factors eventually contributed to the resignation of Theodor Kohn from the Archiepiscopal See in Olomouc (1904).
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  • Studie je výstupem z grantu Papežství, kurie a katolická církev v českých zemích 1820–1938. Vzájemné vztahy, česká specifika a fenomén ultramontanismu (GAČR, P 410, 15–1709S). Autorka za tuto podporu děkuje.