Prohra s fatálními důsledky : politický vývoj po prusko-rakouské válce z pohledu vídeňského nuncia

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Loss with fatal consequences : political developments after the Prussian-Austrian War from the point of view of the Viennese Nuncio
Zdrojový dokument: Studia historica Brunensia. 2018, roč. 64, č. 2, s. 15-22
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    1803-7429 (print)
    2336-4513 (online)
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Licence: CC BY 3.0 CZ
The Austro-Prussian War (1866) marked a new development in the European power struggle. While Prussia demonstrated that it was one of the strongest powers, Austria's defeat revealed the problems in its internal-political as well as international position. Italy exploited Austria's weakness to make territorial gains. In his reports, the nuncio in Vienna mentioned some important issues: the ongoing national controversies within the monarchy, the danger from German communities wishing to join with Germany, and the spectre of a European war. In many cases his concerns would become reality.
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  • Studie je výstupem z grantu Papežství, kurie a katolická církev v českých zemích 1820–1938. Vzájemné vztahy, česká specifika a fenomén ultramontanismu (GAČR, P 410, 15–1709S).