Katalog der liechtensteinischen Bildergalerie auf dem Schloss in Frischau von Dominik Kindermann aus dem Jahr 1801

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Katalog liechtensteinské obrazárny na zámku ve Fryšavě Dominika Kindermanna z roku 1801
Source document: Opuscula historiae artium. 2016, vol. 65, iss. 2, pp. 132-155
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The picture gallery of Fryšava chateau was famous in its day, but it has only recently become possible to reconstruct the contents of the gallery based on three lists that were compiled in 1801 by its then new owner, who was Joseph Franz Anton, Count Truchsess von Waldburg-Zeil-Wurzach (1784–1813), a canon in Strasbourg and Cologne, and a passionate lover and collector of art. These lists were based on a comprehensive catalogue of the picture gallery's collection that had long been lost and was compiled by the well-known Viennese painter and expert Dominik Kindermann (1739–1817) at the request of the then owner of the collection, Prince Moritz of Liechtenstein (1775–1819) when the sale of the collection was being considered. This study includes an annotated copy of the catalogue of the picture gallery, which was recently rediscovered among the papers of archivist Josef Dosoudil (1885 – after 1955) from Brno, and on another previously unknown source that sheds light on the conditions and course of the whole interesting transaction, which took place from 1800 to 1801. The study also attempts to provide some idea of what connection there may have been between the picture gallery in Fryšava and the collecting activities of Johann Adam Andreas, Prince of Liechtenstein (1657–1712), and other art-loving members of the family, such as Prince Gundaker (1580–1658) and Prince Alois Josef I (1759–1805).
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