"Nejkrásnější toho druhu na Moravě" : obrazová sbírka hraběte Huberta Ludwiga d'Harnoncourt jako základ obrazárny Dreherů na zámcích Hrotovice a Myslibořice

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'The most beautiful of its kind in Moravia' : the collection of paintings of Count Hubert Ludwig d'Harnoncourt – the foundation of the picture gallery of the Dreher family in the Chateaux in Hrotovice and Myslibořice
Source document: Opuscula historiae artium. 2016, vol. 65, iss. 2, pp. 156-179
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The cornerstone of picture gallery that had belonged to the Dreher family, an industrialist family in Schwechat, and was sold in 1921 to the Moravian Agrarian and Industrial Bank in Brno, was the famous collection of Count Hubert Ludwig de la Fontaine et d'Harnoncourt-Unverzagt (1789–1846), at one time the owner of the Hrotovice estate, and the collection of Count Josef Taaffe (1796–1846), who held the manor estate in Myslibořice. Renowned and celebrated in Moravia at that time the picture gallery, which originated roughly in 1847 when these two aforementioned collections were brought together, underwent a number of changes over the years, some of which had an enriching and others an impoverishing effect on it. At the time when the collection was being prepared for sale, there numbered 284 paintings at the estates in Hrotovice and Myslibořice. This study is an attempt not just to reconstruct the picture gallery that belonged to the Drehers but also to identify several paintings from the original Harnoncourt collection that are now found in public or private collections.
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