Art East Central 2022, vol. [2], iss. 2

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2695-1428 (online)
Department FF MU
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5-8 Editorial : Counter-narratives of east central Europe Rampley, Matthew | pdficon
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11-47 Globalizing early modern central and eastern European art : a discussion forum Radway, Robyn; Grusiecki, Tomasz; Born, Robert; Ivanič, Suzanna; Noyes, Ruth Sargent ; Pevny, Olenka | pdficon
49-76 Beyond national style : the innovative thinking and designs of the architect Ion Mincu (1852–1912) Minea, Cosmin | pdficon
77-111 Four essays on modern architecture Bierbauer, Virgil | pdficon
113-135 Five essays on women's art and perception in interwar Austria Ankwicz-Kleehoven, Hans; Born, Wolfgang; Zimbler, Liane | pdficon
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139-145 A colourful atlas of artistic practice Lexová, Petra | pdficon
147-152 Navigating Czech art history after the Second World War Filipová, Marta | pdficon
153-158 Estonians, Germans and their heritage Rampley, Matthew | pdficon
159-167 Red Army monuments in Poland from creation to destruction Gabowitsch, Mischa | pdficon
169-174 Beyond the Bauhaus Secklehner, Julia | pdficon
175-180 Archiving performances as a dissident practice Drobe, Christian | pdficon
181-185 The Great Book Theft Veszprémi, Nóra | pdficon
hidden section Notes on contributors
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187-189 Notes on contributors | pdficon