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Brno studies in English. Volume eight, Charisteria Iosepho Vachek sexagenario oblata

Published also as: Brno studies in English; vol. 8 (1969)

Table of contents:

[9]-20 Professor Josef Vachek sexagenarian : a tribute to his work in the field of English studies Firbas, Jan | pdficon
[21]-26 Soundless articulations Adamus, Marian | pdficon
[27]-29 What is the English we use? Achmanova, Ol'ga Sergejevna | pdficon
[31]-36 Lexical contrastive analysis Berndt, Rolf | pdficon
[37]-41 Categories, features, attributes Bolinger, Dwight | pdficon
[43]-48 Notes on sound-change and phoneme-theory Dobson, E. J. (Eric John) | pdficon
[49]-59 On the prosodic features of the modern English finite verb-objectc combination as means of functional sentence perspective Firbas, Jan | pdficon
[61]-67 The notion of diacritics in modern English graphology Fried, Vilém | pdficon
[69]-74 The linguistic evidence of speech errors Fry, Dennis B. | pdficon
[75]-79 A note on the variability of the phonemic components of English words Gimson, A. C. | pdficon
[81]-88 Options and functions in the English clause Halliday, M. A. K. (Michael Alexander Kirkwood) | pdficon
[89]-93 Foreign graphemes and grapheme-phoneme correspondences in Modern English Hansen, Klaus | pdficon
[95]-98 A note on the quantitative evaluation of the verb in English Hladký, Josef | pdficon
[99]-103 Prepositions and conjunctions in present-day English Ilyish, Boris | pdficon
[105]-110 Detached observations on prepositional use in modern, especially American English Kirchner, Gustav | pdficon
[111]-120 Verb-form frequency in English Krámský, Jiří | pdficon
[121]-122 A point about "in" and "into" Lee, W. R. | pdficon
[123]-132 Historical aspect of the accusative with infinitive and the content clause in English Macháček, Jaroslav | pdficon
[133]-137 Internal structure of English colloquial metaphor Nosek, Jiří | pdficon
[139]-143 Some notes on anteriority in Italian and in English Ondráček, Jaroslav | pdficon
[145]-151 Reporting phrases in English prose Peprník, Jaroslav | pdficon
[153]-159 Some notes on the signalization of the plural in English nouns Poldauf, Ivan | pdficon
[161]-166 Attributes and attributive adjectives Potter, Simeon | pdficon
[167]-172 The two styles of Thomas Usk Schlauch, Margaret | pdficon
[173]-178 A few notes concerning the interpretation and classification of the English verb Šimko, Ján | pdficon
[179]-181 A few remarks on the etymology of OE ǣdre 'vein' Štech, Svatopluk | pdficon
[183]-187 Conversion in English Trnka, Bohumil | pdficon
[189]-196 Dutch loans in American English : lexicological notes of a literary historian Vočadlo, Otakar | pdficon
[197]-203 The earliest English students of Russian Wrenn, C. L. (Charles Leslie) | pdficon
[205]-215 Bibliography of professor Josef Vachek's works Hladký, Josef | pdficon


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