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Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. S, Řada anglistická
1998, vol. 47, iss. S4

Year: 1998
Publication year: 1998
ISSN: 1211-1791
ISBN: 80-210-2013-X

Table of contents:

[7] Professor Jan Svartvik – a new doctor honoris causa from Masaryk University Urbanová, Ludmila | pdficon
[9] Addenda and corrigenda to the Bibliography of Josef Vachek in BSE 23 : addenda: papers remembering Professor Josef Vachek Hladký, Josef | pdficon
[11]-32 On some basic issues of the theory of functional sentence perspective. V, (Some more thoughts on Marie Luise Thein's critique of the theory) Firbas, Jan | pdficon
[33]-78 Notes on reduplicative words in English Hladký, Josef | pdficon
[79]-86 Intentionality of action in body part movements Kudrnáčová, Naděžda | pdficon
[87]-108 Some notes on spatial and temporal adverbials in English conversation Povolná, Renata | pdficon
[109]-118 Impersonality in radio interviews as a manifestation of semantic indeterminacy Urbanová, Ludmila | pdficon
[119]-127 Language and ideology : "nationalism" and racial coding in Australian personal advertisements Vlčková, Jitka | pdficon
[129]-140 The anti-Irish stereotype in Molly Keane's black comedy Franková, Milada | pdficon
[141]-146 "The Prussian officer" in the context of D.H. Lawrence's short fiction Grmelová, Anna | pdficon
[147]-158 The significance of place in the fictions of Raymond Williams and Iain Sinclair Hardy, Stephen Paul | pdficon
[159] [Pearsall, Judy, ed. The New Oxford English dictionary] Hladký, Josef | pdficon


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