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Brno studies in English
1960, volume 2

Issue title: Studies in modern English literature
Year: 1960
Publication year: 1960
Note: Brno studies in English, Volume 2 (1960) vyšel jako sv. 68 v rámci edice Spisy Filosofické fakulty University v Brně.

Table of contents:

7-[54] The problem of Spenserian inspiration in Keats's poetry Štěpaník, Karel | pdficon
55-78 Remarks on the flow of time in the novels of Henry Fielding Tichý, Aleš | pdficon
79-111 W.M. Thackeray's literary criticism in the Morning Chronicle (1844-1848) Pantůčková, Lidmila | pdficon
113-152 Two uses of the dream-form as a means of confronting the present with the national past: William Morris and Svatopluk Čech Kocmanová, Jessie | pdficon


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