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Brno studies in English
1968, volume 7

Issue title: Further studies in the linguistic characterology of modern English
Year: 1968
Publication year: 1968
Note: Brno studies in English, Volume 7 (1968) vyšel jako sv. 128 v rámci edice Spisy Filosofické fakulty University J. E. Purkyně v Brně.

Table of contents:

9 Preface | pdficon
[11]-48 On the prosodic features of the modern English finite verb as means of functional sentence perspective : (more thoughts on transition proper) Firbas, Jan | pdficon
[49]-101 The hierarchy of communicative units and fields as illustrated by English attributive constructions Svoboda, Aleš | pdficon
[103]-118 An attempt at a quantitative expression of the communicative value of the verb in English and Czech Hladký, Josef | pdficon
[119]-128 On the English infinitive of purpose in functional sentence perspective Golková, Eva | pdficon
[129]-148 The function of tenses used in modern English temporal clauses Breithutová, Helga | pdficon
[148-166] On the homonymy of subject and object in a synthetic and an analytical language system Pala, Karel | pdficon


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