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Brno studies in English
1959, volume 1

Year: 1959
Publication year: 1959
Note: Brno studies in English, Volume 1 (1959) vyšel jako sv. 55 v rámci edice Spisy Filosofické fakulty University v Brně.

Table of contents:

3 Foreword | pdficon
7-38 Two chapters on written English Vachek, Josef | pdficon
39-68 Thoughts on the communicative function of the verb in English, German and Czech Firbas, Jan | pdficon
69-101 The reflection of social reality in Keats's poems and letters Štěpaník, Karel | pdficon
103-117 The "Newgate School" of romance and its place in the English literature in the eighteen-thirties Pantůčková, Lidmila | pdficon
119-143 The revolt of the workers in the novels of Gissing, James and Conrad Kocmanová, Jessie | pdficon


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