Trvalá udržitelnost a pokora v postojích obyvatel jižní Moravy ke krajině

Author: Musil, Libor
Source document: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. G, Řada sociálněvědná. 1997, vol. 46, iss. G39, pp. [133]-151
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Type: Article
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The article is based on data from four research projects examining attitudes of southern Moravia villagers to the landscape. The data interpretation is based on the assumption that barriers to a willing acceptance of "the order" of the landscape as it is, is an anthropocentríc idea of the unlimited entitlements of citizens in a modem society. This idea is derived from the ideology of civic rights. The inhabitants accepted changes in the landscape, and this supporte above mentioned hypothesis, that were connected with collectivisation of agriculture and reservoir construction as signs of modernisation. The inhabitants adjusted to the negative effects of such changes with a fatalistic acceptance of their own helplessness towards decisions made by politicians and technical experts.