Translation shifts and translator strategies in the Hungarian translation of Alice Munro's "Boys and girls"

Source document: The Central European journal of Canadian studies. 2012, vol. 8, iss. [1], pp. 89-102
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The article will examine Alice Munro's "Boys and Girls" and its Hungarian translation from a Translation Studies point of view. The aim of the essay is to highlight certain translator strategies on the basis of the corpus. To this end, a three-stage approach is applied: in the first stage of analysis some types of translation shifts are identified, in the second stage the function of these shifts is examined with respect to how culture-specific realia are treated in the text, how the short story's specific vocabulary is translated and how idiolect typifying characters and exposing social differences is rendered, while in the third stage, translation strategies are explored.
Cet article examine la nouvelle "Boys and Girls" par Alice Munro et sa traduction hongroise d'un point de vue de traductologie pour considérer des strategies de traducteur sur la base du corpus. On applique une approche de trois étapes: d'abord, on identifie des mutations de traduction, après, on analyse 1.) celles mutations du texte en regardant le traitement de réalias qui sont culturellement spécifiques, 2.) comment le vocabulaire spécifique de la nouvelle se traduit et 3.) comment l'idiolect se traduit quant à la typification des caractères et l'exposition des differences sociales. Finalement, on explore des strategies de traduction.
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