O tradičním oděvu a módě v 18. století (na příkladech z Boky Kotorské)

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On the traditional clothes and fashion of the 18th century (on examples from the Bay of Kotor)
Source document: Radojičić, Dragana. Ikonografické prameny ke studiu tradiční kultury. 1. vyd. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2011, pp. 60-74
Public, social, and cultural processes in the studied part of the Mediterranean, in the Bay of Kotor, were happening at an accelerated pace in the 18th century. The main economic industry was the nautical industry, in which most of the inhabitants made a living. This brought a strong influence of foreign cultures and fashion novelties into the clothing culture of women. Consequently, cultural influences – Balkan, Slavic, oriental and Mediterranean – are reflected in female clothes in this area. The interests of two different worlds – eastern and western – left traces in the creation of a synthesis of miscellaneous cultural streams, and at the same time they harmonized and adapted to the uniqueness of the local climate. Despite all of this the Bay of Kotor always maintained its special cultural characteristics.
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