Hinter den Kulissen der Dalmatinischen Reise: Ein unveröffentlichter Brief von Matija Murko an Hermann Bahr aus dem Jahr 1909

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An unpublished letter by Hermann Bahr to Matija Murko and its impact on Bahr's travelogue "Dalmatinische Reise"
Source document: Opera Slavica. 2015, vol. 25, iss. 3, pp. 38-46
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    1211-7676 (print)
    2336-4459 (online)
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Der Beitrag kontextualisiert einen unveröffentlichten Brief des slowenischen Slawisten Matija Murko an Hermann Bahr aus dem Jahr 1909. Er veranschaulicht, auf welche Weise Bahr Murkos Position, wonach Kroaten und Serben eine gemeinsame Nation bilden, in seine "Dalmatinische Reise" einfließen ließ.
The paper offers some minor comments on a hitherto unpublished letter from the Slovene scholar Matija Murko to Hermann Bahr kept in the archives of the "Theatermuseum, Wien" in Vienna. In his letter from March 1909, Murko defined Serbs and Croats as one single nation and recommended Bahr one of his works on South-Slavic literatures as a possible source for further information. Next to the presentation of the letter itself, the paper also shows, how Bahr made use of the information he gained from Murko for his account on Dalmatia ("Dalmatinische Reise") from 1909. In this book, Murko and his works on South-Slavic literatures are explicitly mentioned by Bahr who used Murko's studies in order to present his readership the main writers of Croat Renaissance and Baroque literature. Bahr, however, in his essay also depicted Serbs and Croats as a single nation and by this way again made use of the letter he had received from Murko.