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Musicologica Brunensia
2017, roč. 52, č. 1

Rok: 2017
Rok vydání: 2017
ISSN: 1212-0391 (print)
ISSN: 2336-436X (online)


5-16 Finding a way to tie technology, aesthetics and dramaturgy together in terms of experimental sound-based music Landy, Leigh | pdficon
17-27 Roelof Vermeulen at Philips : a search for space in music Tazelaar, Kees | pdficon
29-41 Slippery bows and slow circuits Richards, John | pdficon
43-52 Everyone can be composer today – full stop or question mark? Rataj, Michal | pdficon
53-61 Melodic segmentation: structure, cognition, algorithms Cenkerová, Zuzana | pdficon
63-68 Technology or theology? : music beyond technology Flašar, Martin | pdficon
69-78 Arnold Schönberg and musica artificiosa : a rationality in the musical composition Fulka, Vladimír | pdficon
79-87 Music by František Škvor for the Karol Plicka's film The Earth Sings – the beginning of Slovak national music? : some remarks on the origin and importance Ladič, Branko | pdficon
89-100 C.P.E. Bach's "art" and "craft"? : galant schemata and the Rule of the Octave as markers of convention in selected keyboard sonatas and in the Versuch Rabinovitch, Gilad | pdficon
101-116 New media and the work of Slovak composer Tadeáš Salva Ščepán, Michal | pdficon
117-126 Music criticism in nineteenth-century England: how did it become a profession? Watt, Paul | pdficon
127-137 The role of technology in the aesthetics of postwar serial music Zagorski, Marcus | pdficon
139-147 Concerto for the universal algorithm : Paik, Moorman, Youngblood, Flusser Armand, Louis | pdficon
149-153 Musica practica according to Roland Barthes Cseres, Jozef | pdficon
155-168 Listening to art on a seabed Horáková, Jana | pdficon


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