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Studia paedagogica
2020, vol. 25, iss. 2

Issue title: The changing status of the teaching profession
Year: 2020
Publication year: 2020
ISSN: 1803-7437 (print)
ISSN: 2336-4521 (online)
Note: Editors of the issue: Stanislav Štech, Klára Šeďová, Adam Lefstein

Table of contents:

[5]-10 What is happening to the teaching profession today? : editorial Štech, Stanislav; Šeďová, Klára; Lefstein, Adam | pdficon
[11]-22 Discourses on governance of the teaching profession Moos, Lejf | pdficon
[23]-45 Teacher status and the role of teacher unions in the context of new professionalism Symeonidis, Vasileios; Stromquist, Nelly P. | pdficon
[47]-69 Eroding trust in teacher professionalism : an ethnomethodological analysis of radio interviews with Czech experts on education Tůma, František; Píšová, Michaela; Černá, Monika | pdficon
[71]-96 Bias in primary school teachers' expectations of students? : a study of general and specific bias towards SES, ethnicity and gender Sneyers, Elien; Vanhoof, Jan; Mahieu, Paul | pdficon
[97]-116 Teachers for Slovakia : tensions in the profession Pupala, Branislav; Kaščák, Ondrej; Rehúš, Michal | pdficon
[117]-137 Aligning teacher preparation, professional development and evaluation : the orthodoxy of TAP teachers and teaching Holloway, Jessica | pdficon
[139]-159 'Head' and 'heart' work : re-appraising the place of theory in the 'academic dimension' of pre-service teacher education in England Orchard, Janet; Kelly, Lucy; Winstanley, Carrie | pdficon
[161]-179 Initial teacher education and the relationship with research : student teachers' perspectives Sousa, Rita Tavares de; Lopes, Amélia; Boyd, Pete | pdficon
Emerging researchers
[181]-194 General pedagogical knowledge of Austrian teachers Dittrich, Ann-Kathrin | pdficon


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