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Theory and Practice in English Studies
2020, vol. 9, iss. 1-2

Issue title: Issue 1: Secrets, codes and puzzles
Issue title: Issue 2: Isolation, solitude, distance and communication in times of epidemic
Year: 2020
Publication year: 2020
ISSN: 1805-0859

Table of contents:

[5]-8 Introduction Walsbergerová, Tereza | pdficon
Secrets, Codes, and Puzzles
[13]-27 "There's a demon in the internet" : haunted media, globalization and televisual horror Feikusová, Klára | pdficon
[29]-43 'Another clue for you all' : the hysterical realism of the 'Paul is dead' conspiracy theory in the golden age of paranoia Walsbergerová, Tereza | pdficon
[45]-66 QAnon as a variation of a Satanic conspiracy theory : an overview Vrzal, Miroslav | pdficon
[69]-72 Breaking the Boundaries: 11th Brno international conference of English, American and Canadian Studies: 12-14 February 2020 Mikyšková, Anna | pdficon
[73]-83 Wallace Chafe – a visionary pariah among linguists Lukl, Jiří | pdficon
Isolation, Solitude, Distance and Communication in Times of Epidemic
[89]-108 Reflections of Margaret Atwood's dystopias in the pandemic of 2020 Plevíková, Ivana | pdficon
The relevance of Margaret Mead's concepts in health and illness to the era of COVID-19 Morad, Tagrid | pdficon
[125]-132 Opportunities in the eye of a storm : "New Pathways in Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies in Pandemic Times" conference report Krásná, Denisa; Šmilauerová, Tereza; Žárská, Lenka | pdficon
[133]-139 FILOVER: public lectures at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno Lukl, Jiří; Vrzalová, Ivona; Vrzal, Miroslav | pdficon


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