Digital Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University

2021, vol. 22, iss. Special issue

Issue title: Stanisław Lem
Year: 2021
Publication year: 2021
ISSN: 1212-9097 (online)

Table of contents:

Úvod – Editorial
1-2 Ad honorem Stanisław Lem (12.9.1921–27.3.2006) Brázda, Radim | pdficon
[1]-[2] Ad honorem Stanisław Lem (12.9.1921–27.3.2006) Brázda, Radim | pdficon
Původní vědecké práce – Original research papers
3-17 Kybernétův skeptický stín : o povaze Lemova odmlčení Brázda, Radim | pdficon
18-22 Vesmír, lidé a viry : (Stanisław Lem) Jemelka, Petr | pdficon
23-32 Functionalism and personal identity : the case of Mr. Jones Karlsen, Gunnar; Granberg, Anne | pdficon
33-38 Hráč Stanisław Lem : inspirace fiktivní recenzí na neexistující publikaci Krob, Josef | pdficon
39-53 The future of AI : Stanisław Lem's philosophical visions for AI and cyber-societies in Cyberiad Krzanowski, Roman; Polak, Pawel | pdficon
54-64 The Gramophone : Lem against the Chinese Room Picha, Marek | pdficon
65-77 A philosophy of first contact : Stanisław Lem and the myth of cognitive universality Simons, Massimiliano | pdficon
78-91 Revisiting Solaris : encountering otherness and the limits of representation Slawkowska-Rode, Monika Anna; Slawkowski-Rode, Mikolaj | pdficon
92-102 Artificial instinct : Lem's robots as a model case for AI Zebrowski, Robin | pdficon


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