Digital Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University

Digital Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University

The Digital Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University is an internal project which aims at providing wide public access to all professional production of the faculty since its foundation in 1919 up to present time. The digital library is managed by the Centre for Information Technologies and the Library Information Centre at the Institute of Computer Science . Apart from older digitized printed documents, the library stock is continuously supplied with newly issued publications. The majority of the documents is freely available in line with the policy of open access.

The digital library has currently enabled access to the major magazines and periodicals of the Faculty of Arts beginning from their very first issues and to the monographic edition Spisy Filozofické fakulty MU. Other periodicals, conference proceedings and various publications are presently being processed for open access use.

The digital library beta version was opened for wider public on May 1, 2013. Up to that day, it contained over 23 000 documents by almost 4 500 authors. Full articles from scholarly magazines as well as book chapters (alternatively also entire books) have been transformed into PDF format together with extensive metadata records.

The library platform has been under constant development for some time now and we will continue to work on further broadening and improving the digital library in the nearest future. We would like to apologize for errors and insufficiencies that might occur - feedback and comments will be much appreciated ().

Organizing team:
Vendula Hromádková, Zdeňka Mácková, Martin Svora (FF MU)
Miroslav Bartošek (KIC ÚVT)


We would like to thank all who contributed to the creation of the digital library:

We would also like to thank all the students who worked on creating the digital library in its various stages:
Miroslav Blažek, Zuzana Čepeláková, Lucie Fabriková, Magdalena Grabczyńska, Marie Gregárková, Hana Habermannová, Martina Kolářová, Božena Kováčová, Zdeněk Krpoun, Vojtěch Kubík, Andrej Kurochenko, Marie Kvapilová, Pavla Macháčková, Zbyněk Michálek, Eva Ogrocká, Helena Orálková, Kateřina Patíková, Jana Pokorná, Jan Přibyl, Martina Smolová, Pavel Ševčík, Josef Šilhavík, Eva Šteinigerová, Hana Švecová, Viliam Vateha.

During the setup of the digital library, technologies, tools and processes developed within the framework of the Czech Digital Mathematical Library DML-CZ were used.