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2019, vol. 6, iss. Supplementum

Issue title: The notion of liminality and the medieval sacred space
Year: 2019
Publication year: 2019
ISSN: 2336-3452 (print)
ISSN: 2336-808X (online)
ISBN: 978-80-210-9453-6
Note: Edited by Klára Doležalová and Ivan Foletti

Table of contents:

11-21 Liminality and medieval art : from space to rituals and to the imagination Doležalová, Klára; Foletti, Ivan | pdficon
[24]-45 Closed doors as bearers and constructors of images : Santa Sabina and Notre Dame du Puy Foletti, Ivan; Kravčíková, Katarína | pdficon
[46]-67 Constructing liminal space? : curtains in Late Antique and early medieval churches Blaauw, Sible de; Doležalová, Klára | pdficon
[68]-89 Liturgical screens, East and West : liminality and spiritual experience Bedros, Vlad; Scirocco, Elisabetta | pdficon
[90]-111 The depiction of the Acta Martyrum During the Early Middle Ages : hints from a liminal space, the transept of Santa Prassede in Rome (817-824) Croci, Chiara | pdficon
[112]-133 Tabulae cum portis, vela, cortinae and sudaria : remarks on the liminal zones in the liturgical and para-liturgical contexts in the Late Middle Ages Klípa, Jan; Poláčková, Eliška | pdficon
[134]-159 "Blessed are the eyes which see divine spirit through the letter's veil" : the book as object and idea Mitchell, John; Pickwoad, Nicholas | pdficon
[160]-161 Photographic credits | pdficon


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