Studia paedagogica 2016, roč. 21, č. 4

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1803-7437 (print)
2336-4521 (online)
hidden section Editorial
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[5]-12 Editorial Švaříček, Roman | pdficon
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13-33 Homework in primary school: could it be made more child-friendly? Holte, Kjersti Lien | pdficon
35-52 Framing narratives: youth and schooling, silencing and dissent Bunting, Mette; Moshuus, Geir H. | pdficon
53-76 Student nonconformity at school Lojdová, Kateřina | pdficon
77-98 Talent and creativity in preschool age children: a pilot study Havigerová, Jana Marie; Smetanová, Veronika; Křoustková-Moravcová, Iva | pdficon
99-116 Preschool children in book-reading situations with parents: the perspective of personal agency theory Gavora, Peter | pdficon
Best practice
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117-136 Educational engagement, care, and inclusion: a narrative about La Giostra, a nursery school in Florence Gobbo, Francesca | pdficon
Emerging researchers
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137-149 Parents' perception of their involvement in schooling activities: a case study from rural secondary schools in Bangladesh Hasnat, Mahammad Abul | pdficon
151-168 Changes in friendships as a result of students' transition from grade four to grade five of primary school Navrátilová, Jana | pdficon
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169-173 Narrative inquiry: a classroom full of researchers Čejková, Ingrid | pdficon