Psychické a sociální aspekty užívání mobilních telefonů-vybrané aktualní poznatky

Zdrojový dokument: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. P, Řada psychologická. 2003, roč. 51, č. P7, s. [75]-99
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The aim of this paper is to offer some themes related to use of mobile phones as the instigation for thinking, discussion or new research of this modern communication instrument in the field of psychological point of view. The paper defines essential terms, described some specific attributes of "mobile communication" and presented some newer interesting findings of contemporary worldwide research of mobile phone use. The article deals with, for example, contemporary research of disruptive effects of cell-phone conversations on driving, about statistic that shows there are more mobile users among suicides and less among young smokers. We discussed a mental health function of mobile phone for a person or its restorative function for group cohesion etc. In špite of the diversity of the offered material the paper points at one conclusion: mobile phone became a unique phenomenon that deeply affected everyday life of contemporary people and every part of living of the whole contemporary society.