Some thoughts on the information structure of traffic signs

Název: Some thoughts on the information structure of traffic signs
Zdrojový dokument: Theory and Practice in English Studies. 2013, roč. 6, č. 2, s. [119]-141
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Functional sentence perspective is one of the theories studying the information structure of language - a system of signs which have to be ordered in a line (i.e. one-dimensionally) to convey information. But there are also other systems of signs, which convey information using two dimensions, they are two-dimensional or planar (traffic signs, information symbols, etc.). And one of these systems is the focus of the present paper, which aims to explore a possible parallel between the information structure of language and the information structure of two-dimensional signs. The paper is based on an analysis of part of the system of Czech traffic signs and their definitions from the point of view of FSP. It tries to find out whether it is possible to identify various degrees of communicative dynamism even in a system so different from language.
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