Brno studies in English 2017, roč. 43, č. 2

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0524-6881 (print)
1805-0867 (online)
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[5]-27 Epistemic modal verbs in research articles written by Ghanaian and international scholars: a corpus-based study of three disciplines Ngula, Richmond Sadick | pdficon
[29]-55 A corpus-based analysis of do so anaphora in fictional and non-fictional English Prado-Alonso, Carlos | pdficon
[57]-78 Sharing autobiographical memories in English computer-mediated discourse: a linguist's perspective Tivyaeva, Irina | pdficon
Literary and cultural studies
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[79]-94 "[S]ometimes America needs to be pushed": Amy Waldman's The Submission and the early American 9/11 novels Eikonsalo, Sini | pdficon
[95]-110 Magical realism and allegory in Joseph Skibell's A Blessing on the Moon Kolář, Stanislav | pdficon
[111]-125 A tale of being everything: literary subject in Ruth Ozeki's A Tale for the Time Being Krevel, Mojca | pdficon
[127]-149 The training impact of experience in Jane Austen's Emma Nayebpour, Karam | pdficon
[151]-164 Supernatural substitution and abduction in the drama of the Irish Revival Ojrzyńska, Katarzyna | pdficon
[165]-178 Reconciling your self: individuation and ontological ambiguity in J.G. Ballard's The Empire of the Sun and The Drowned World Tereszewski, Marcin | pdficon
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[179]-184 [Švéda, Josef. Země zaslíbená, země zlořečená: obrazy Ameriky v české literatuře a kultuře (Promised Land, Accursed Land. Images of America in Czech Literature and Culture)] Zezuláková Schormová, Františka | pdficon
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186 Brno Studies in English | pdficon
hidden section Guidelines for authors
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187 Guidelines for authors | pdficon