Graeco-Latina Brunensia 2017, roč. 22, č. 1

Rok vydání
1803-7402 (print)
2336-4424 (online)
Články – Articles
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5-16 Mirrors for Princes: genuine Byzantine genre or academic construct? Coufalová Borhnová, Hana | pdficon
17-29 Paragraphs in classical Latin texts : problems with editing and the internal evidence from texts Ctibor, Michal | pdficon
31-42 CIL III, 4185 : "quisquis {h}e(ris)" or "quisquis he(res)"? Černoch, Radek | pdficon
43-55 Ending with world destruction: a closural device in Lucretius' De Rerum Natura and its influence on later Latin poetry Galzerano, Manuel | pdficon
57-67 Pittaco ζοφοδορπίδαις e la storia dei sostantivi in -ίδης Guasti, Duccio | pdficon
69-79 Before Orbis Pictus : some notes on Comenius' Latin textbooks Guseva, Irina L.; Rybakov, Vladimir V. | pdficon
81-92 A Conscious stratagem or garbled memory? : a few notes to the anonymous report on the Avar siege of Constantinople preserved in the Historia Syntomos of Patriarch Nikephoros Hurbanič, Martin | pdficon
93-110 Processions and architecture of Papal Rome in relation to the stay of the Salonica brothers in Rome Husár, Martin | pdficon
111-118 The lexicographical experiments of Korais and Gazis Knapková, Kristýna | pdficon
119-124 P. OXY. XXXV 2737 and Alcman's ancient reception Kousoulini, Vasiliki | pdficon
125-133 Lucian in Byzantine Hades – a note on the Lucianic cento Marciniak, Przemysław Tadeusz | pdficon
135-146 Political consequences of the Plague of Athens Martínez, Javier | pdficon
147-163 Structures strophiques dans la poésie épigraphique de l'Italie ancienne: inscription latine archaïque du duenos (CIL I2 4), épitaphe pélignienne de la pristafalacirix (ST Pg 9, Corfinium) Martzloff, Vincent; Machajdíková, Barbora | pdficon
165-190 Versioni e formae vulgatae degli oracoli di Delfi : alcune note a proposito di Erodoto e dei frammenti di Enomao di Gadara Mondello, Cristian | pdficon
191-206 Animals as magical ingredients in Greek magical Papyri : preliminary statistical analysis of animal species Salayová, Andrea | pdficon
207-222 Pragmaticalización y lenguas clásicas: el caso de latín abi Unceta Gómez, Luis | pdficon
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223-224 Miscellanea : [úvodní slovo] | pdficon
225-226 Laudatio auf Jana Nechutová, Brünn, 14. November 2016 Düchting, Reinhard | pdficon
227-231 Mittel- und Neulateinische Philologie: Geschichte, Aufgabe und Erinnerung Düchting, Reinhard | pdficon
Recenze – Book reviews
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233-236 Loporcaro, Michele (2015). Vowel length from latin to romance Boček, Vít | pdficon
237-241 McDonald, Katherine (2015). Oscan in southern Italy and Sicily. Evaluating language contact in a fragmentary corpus Cappelletti, Loredana | pdficon
242-244 Hansen, Dirk Uwe (Ed.). (2011–2016). Anthologia Graeca Franek, Juraj | pdficon
245-247 Habaj, Michal (2016). Kambýses II. Od tradície k histórii Klokner, Tomáš | pdficon
Page Title
248-249 Graeco-Latina Brunensia | pdficon