Bohatá pokladnice konceptů a idejí : ikonografické programy a jejich tvůrci v období baroka na Moravě

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A rich treasury of concepts and ideas : iconographic programmes and their creators in Moravia in the Baroque period
Zdrojový dokument: Opuscula historiae artium. 2012, roč. 61 [56], č. 2, s. 134-155
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Following the model of Austrian and German art history, this study summarises the results of the research that has been carried out up till now on iconographic programmes in Moravia and the artists who created them. On the basis of the facts that we have at our disposal so far, an attempt is made to formulate more precisely the questions linked to our knowledge and interpretation of Baroque concepts (concetta), and indicates the direction that further research into this fascinating but complex field of Baroque art might take. Special attention is paid to contemporary published descriptions and interpretations of the wall paintings that Franz Anton Maulbertsch made for the Premonstratensian canonries in Louka near Znojmo and the Strahov district of Prague. The aim of these descriptions, which were published from the mid-1760s onwards, was to explain the content of Maulbertsch's paintings, especially those whose themes were already a reaction to the ideas of the Enlightenment.
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  • Studie vznikla v rámci výzkumného záměru Masarykovy univerzity MSM0021622426 Výzkumné středisko pro dějiny střední Moravy: prameny, země, kultura.