Činnost Družstva českého divadla v Olomouci v letech 1920-1925

Název: Činnost Družstva českého divadla v Olomouci v letech 1920-1925
Variantní název:
  • The activities of the association of Czech theater in Olomouc in the years 1920-1925
Zdrojový dokument: Musicologica Brunensia. 2015, roč. 50, č. 2, s. [29]-38
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    1212-0391 (print)
    2336-436X (online)
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In Olomouc, as in other cities in our country, was founded the Association of Czech theater in the early 20th century. The main task of the Association was the establishment of a Czech professional scene in Olomouc. This task was fullfilled after the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic, in 1920, when a German theater came under Czech administration. The first five years have been established ensembles, including the ballet, and the theatre made new repertoire. The Association solved the financial and administrative problems of the theater. In the mid-twenties of the 20th century the Association signed a new contract with the Town Hall in Olomuc and the theater has worked with all the ensembles and its own facilities.
Studie vznikla v rámci projektu FPVČ2013/08 na UP v Olomouci.