Buddhismus v Brně : kvalitativní výzkum

Název: Buddhismus v Brně : kvalitativní výzkum
Zdrojový dokument: Sacra. 2010, roč. 8, č. 1, s. 5-25
  • ISSN
    1214-5351 (print)
    2336-4483 (online)
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The aim of this research was to map Brno's Buddhist groups and to obtain their basic demographic data. The data were gathered from eight groups, which can be found in Brno – Bodhi, Diamond way, Dzogchen, Kwan-um, Sati, Shambhala, Soto and Vietnamese community. The research methodology was qualitative, although data has a more demographic character. This is caused by the research aim, i.e. to map the Buddhist groups. In a nutshell the findings are as follows: most of the groups were founded in the middle of 90's or later. Usually they gather in their own centers regularly every week, sometimes they have a weekend meetings somewhere outside of Brno for a purpose of meditation. The number of members is within the range of 10 and 200. The gender distribution is more or less half and half and a huge proportion of members has also their college degree. What is interesting is a fact, that none of them has strict limitation for their way of live, which means, that they're quite secularized, westernized and open-minded. As concerns scientific theories, we used the Baumann's concept of global Buddhism, which is applicable on the case of Brno's Buddhist groups.