Езиковата картина на смъртта през призмата на фразеологични паралели в унгарски, български и сръбски

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The language picture of death within the frame of phraseological parallels between Hungarian, Bulgarian and Serbian
Zdrojový dokument: Farkas Baráthi, Mónika. Jihoslovanská frazeologie kontrastivně. Krejčí, Pavel (Editor); Krejčová, Elena (Editor). Vydání první Brno: Filozofická fakulta, Masarykova univerzita, 2016, pp. 80-85
The aim of the text is to present the similarities and differences between Hungarian, Bulgarian and Serbian as manifested in the picture of the world. For that purpose I examine such phraseological structures which have a relation to the concept of death as a cultural reality. The work deals with metonymy definitions psychological realizations of the death, various associations related to the behavior of the dying ones, the death accompanying circumstances) and based on metaphor (the death as a change of the location of the individual, as a dream, as the final end of everyday activity) phraseological units.
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