Podpira žena tri vogale hiše?

Název: Podpira žena tri vogale hiše?
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  • Does a woman support the three corners of a house?
Zdrojový dokument: Kmecová, Svetlana. Jihoslovanská frazeologie kontrastivně. Krejčí, Pavel (editor); Krejčová, Elena (editor). Vydání první Brno: Filozofická fakulta, Masarykova univerzita, 2016, pp. 45-58
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The author deals in her text with the linguistic image of the woman as a wife in Slovak and Slovene phraseologies. She states that despite the contradiction between the woman's positions in the public and domestic enviroments the society recognized her real role in the household and the family, which is partly reflected in phraseology. She analyses Slovak and Slovene marriage-related phraseological units. They are divided into subgroups named Engagement, proposal, banns, Financial status of the bride and the groom, Wedding, Denominations of the wife, Cohabitation of the husband and the wife, The dominant position in the marriage, Infidelity of the husband or the wife, Marriage anniversaries, The woman as a mother. The confrontational characterisation of the individual subgroups is within the analysed conceptsphere focused on the syntagmatic phrasemes as well as paremiological units of both languages.