Idioms inside out : money in English idioms

Název: Idioms inside out : money in English idioms
Zdrojový dokument: Brno studies in English. 2005, roč. 31, č. 1, s. [63]-72
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Type: Článek
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The present article is a study of the nature of idiomatic phrases. It analyses idioms relating to money and looks into some unclear aspects of idiomatic expressions in general. The article draws on data presented in my MA thesis, for the purpose of which I extracted 260 idioms from the following dictionaries: Longman Dictionary of English Idioms, Collins COBUILD Dictionary of Idioms, Longman American Idioms Dictionary, Oxford Learner's Dictionary of English Idioms, Chambers English Dictionary of Idioms. The analysis of the idiomatic expressions was carried out with respect to such important aspects as structure, meaning, variation, origin and usage, etc. Below are comments on interesting findings or problematic issues which I encountered in the course of writing the dissertation.
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