Brno studies in English 2013, roč. 39, č. 1

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0524-6881 (print)
1805-0867 (online)
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5-25 Trolling in online discussions: from provocation to community-building Hopkinson, Christopher | pdficon
[27]-40 Notes on norms and usage of finite/non-finite predication in written English Malá, Marcela | pdficon
[41]-58 Self-reference in the leads of institutional press releases Maleková, Danica | pdficon
[59]-87 Abbreviations in English military terminology Malenica, Frane; Fabijanić, Ivo | pdficon
[89]-105 Media representations of gender and leadership: from a discourse perspective Sung, Chit Cheung Matthew | pdficon
[107]-128 When the advertised product is not the target: multimodal metaphor in Greek TV commercials Tzanne, Angeliki | pdficon
[129]-148 National culture and the thematic structure of news texts Zięba, Anna | pdficon
Literary and cultural studies
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[149]-165 Decrying shifting norms: towards a codification of societal ethos in Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo's Heart Songs Akingbe, Niyi | pdficon
[167]-182 On D.H. Lawrence's Snake that slips out of the text: Derrida's reading of the poem Barcz, Anna | pdficon
[183]-198 Literature in Walter Pater's architectural analogy Budziak, Anna | pdficon
[199]-209 Addressing the age-old question of human perfectibility in Daniel Defoe's Mere Nature Delineated: or, a Body without a Soul Culea, Mihaela | pdficon
[211]-226 Dystopian transformations: post-Cold War dystopian writing by women Franková, Milada | pdficon
[227]-241 Intergenerational transmission of trauma in Spiegelman's Maus Kolář, Stanislav | pdficon
[243]-265 The Coyote is not inside you: Gary Snyder's ecopoetry and Neo-Aristotelian thought Zazula, Piotr | pdficon
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[267]-272 [Zox-Weaver, Annalisa. Women modernists and fascism] Eliášová, Věra | pdficon
[273]-275 [Hardy, Stephen Paul; Horáková, Martina; Kaylor, Michael Metthew; Prajznerová, Kateřina. Alternatives in biography: writing lives in diverse English-language contexts] Polić, Vanja | pdficon
Page Title
276 Brno Studies in English | pdficon
hidden section Guidelines for authors
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277 Guidelines for authors | pdficon