Россия и иммиграция

Název: Россия и иммиграция
Transliterovaný název
Rossija i immigracija
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  • Russia and immigration
Zdrojový dokument: Новая русистика. 2014, roč. 7, č. 2, s. [31]-46
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    1803-4950 (print)
    2336-4564 (online)
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Russia's population has declined over recent years which could cause demographic, economic and other problems. One of the ways to eliminate this decrease is the support of immigration. However, in Russia, as in many other countries, there are some concerns (an increase of crime, unemployment, etc.) due to the influx of immigrants. These misgivings are also supported by politicians, although there are a lot of studies that show that immigration brings a series of positive results. So if Russia wants to stem the decline of population, it needs to change its attitude towards immigrants and integrate all migrants to Russia.