NEWRON – therapeutic software for free usage

Název: NEWRON – therapeutic software for free usage
Zdrojový dokument: Annales psychologici. 2015, roč. 2 (16), č. 1, s. 20-27
  • ISSN
    2336-4939 (print)
    2336-8071 (online)
Type: Článek
Licence: Neurčená licence
NEWRON application is a therapeutic software tool which focuses on supporting the development of persons suffering from various psycho-social disorders. The application consists of a set of games which can continually influence the social perception and social interactions of the target persons, it helps to activate their cognitive, psychomotor or decision-making functions and can optimize the usage of modern information technologies and electronic games to promote their personal development. In the first period the target group consists of children and teenagers with autistic spectrum disorders, subsequently will focus on people who suffer from other psychosocial and cognitive troubles and disorders. The application is the result of a close cooperation between the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts and the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the Faculty of Informatics, both from the Masaryk University. The article presents a preliminary study of this open-source project and description of the therapeutic software NEWRON.