Digitization work at the Library and Archives of the Benedictine Monastery in Rajhrad : digitization of archival files from the fonds of the Benedictine Monastery in Rajhrad

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Digitalizační práce na knihovně a archivu benediktinského kláštera v Rajhradě : digitalizace archivního aktového materiálu z fondů benediktinského kláštera v Rajhradě
Zdrojový dokument: Studia historica Brunensia. 2015, roč. 62, č. 2, s. [119]-131
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    1803-7429 (print)
    2336-4513 (online)
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The NAKI project "The Benedictine Monastery in Rajhrad as a Cultural Phenomenon", whose main aim is cataloguing books from the historic monastery library hall and compiling the history and cultural influence of this prominent Moravian monastic institution, involves digitization of title pages of catalogued books, collections of graphic art and photographs, maps and atlases, as well as archival documents from the property of the Benedictine Abbey in Rajhrad. Digital copies of all documents, along with detailed catalogue records, have been made available online through the catalogues Aleph and VuFind, web storage Imageserver and the digital library Kramerius of the Moravian Library in Brno.
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  • This article was created as an output of the project Benedictine Monastery in Rajhrad as a Cultural Phenomenon (code DF12P01OVV047) of the Programme of Applied Research and Development of National and Cultural Identity (NAKI).