El origen de la palabra chingar en el español mexicano: un debate abierto

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On the origin of the word chingar in the Mexican Spanish: an opened debate
Zdrojový dokument: Hernández Martínez, Laura. Interacciones entre el caló y el español : historia, relaciones y fuentes. Buzek, Ivo (Editor). Primera edición Brno: Filozofická fakulta, Masarykova univerzita, 2016, pp. 137-143
The paper proposes a new hypothesis on the origin of the word chingar in Mexican Spanish and postulates a fusion of the Spanish Caló term chingar – which includes "to fornicate" as one of its meanings – with the Nahua locative tzinco, that means: "in the anus". This linguistic crossbreeding gave place to an expression that relates to the humiliating domination of the other through sexual transgression. Since chingar is lexically and semantically highly productive in Mexican Spanish, and neither of its meanings is referred to the sexual act, it is considered that its primary meaning is underlying (as symbolization of excess) in all the usages of the field, which most relevant characteristic seems to be that of working as intensifiers of the experiences they allude to.
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