Convivium 2021, roč. 8, č. 2

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2336-3452 (print)
2336-808X (online)
  • Edited by Adrien Palladino & Elisabetta Scirocco with the collaboration of Natália Gachallová
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11-12 The "Middle Ages"' interconnectedness Palladino, Adrien; Scirocco, Elisabetta | pdf icon
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[14]-33 Between Alexandria and Rome? : reflections on artistic circulation and cross-cultural interaction in Ethiopian painting in the fifteenth century Vrlíková, Lenka | pdf icon
[34]-55 Substitut des Königs : mittelalterliche Throne mit Königsbildern als repräsentative Agenten Sommerer, Sabine | pdf icon
[56]-77 Decorated walls, description, and cultural memory : between Byzantium, Persia, and early Islam Leatherbury, Sean V. | pdf icon
[78]-95 Color in Suger's Saint-Denis : matter and light Virdis, Alberto | pdf icon
[96]-109 Il mosaico del battistero "monumentale" di Albenga e i primi Concili Marcenaro, Mario | pdf icon
[110]-131 Des peintures murales syriaques inédites : l'église Mor-Stephanos de Kfarbe dans le T.ūr ʿAbdīn (Sud-est de la Turquie) Varela, Alexandre | pdf icon
[132]-147 Liturgical furniture in the Basilica of San Marco : the ciboria in the main chapel and in the chapels of the Nicopeia and Sacramento Villano, Maria Aimé | pdf icon
[148]-165 (Re-)producing conversion from Rome to Beijing : stories related to replicas of the Salus Populi Romani in the late sixteenth century De Caro, Antonio | pdf icon
Chronicles and debates
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[168]-174 "Romanesque" Conques as a neo-Carolingian project Foletti, Ivan; Palladino, Adrien; Debiais, Vincent; Sparhubert, Éric; Voyer, Cécile | pdf icon
175-182 Dissipating Strzygowski's shadow : Weitzmann on Armenian book illumination Palladino, Adrien | pdf icon
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186-188 [Aimone, Marco. The Wyvern Collection: Byzantine and Sasanian Silver, Enamels and Works of Art] Palladino, Adrien | pdf icon
189-192 [The Lives and Afterlives of Medieval Iconography] Schwarz, Martin | pdf icon
193-196 [Lucherini, Vinni. La Cronaca angioina dei re d'Ungheria. Uno specchio eroico e fiabesco della sovranità] Scirocco, Elisabetta | pdf icon
197-201 [Betancourt, Roland. Byzantine Intersectionality. Sexuality, Gender & Race in the Middle Ages] Tranchina, Antonino | pdf icon
202-207 [L'Image miraculeuse dans le christianisme occidental (Moyen Âge – Temps modernes)] Virdis, Alberto | pdf icon
hidden section Photographic credits
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[208]-210 Photographic credits | pdf icon