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The European fortune of the Roman Veronica in the Middle Ages
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2336-3452 (print)
2336-808X (online)
  • Edited by Amanda Murphy, Herbert L. Kessler, Marco Petoletti, Eamon Duffy & Guido Milanese with the collaboration of Veronika Tvrzníková
I. The Origins of the Fame of the Roman Veronica
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12-30 The literary warp and artistic weft of Veronica's cloth : introduction Kessler, Herbert L. | pdf icon
[32]-49 The Cura sanitatis Tiberii a century after Ernst von Dobschütz Izydorczyk, Zbigniew | pdf icon
[50]-57 Veronica in the Vindicta Salvatoris Gounelle, Rémi; Urlacher-Becht, Céline | pdf icon
[58]-71 Vera Icon'? : the variable Veronica of medieval England Windeatt, Barry | pdf icon
[72]-83 De sacrosanto sudario Veronicae by Giacomo Grimaldi : preliminary investigations Gallo, Federico | pdf icon
[84]-99 Veronica' images and the office of the Holy Face in thirteenth-century England Morgan, Nigel | pdf icon
II. The Devotion and Cult of the Veronica
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[102]-113 Signatis... vultus tui : (Re) impressing the Holy Face before and after the European Cult of the Veronica Kumler, Aden | pdf icon
[114]-125 Innocent III and the Roman Veronica : Papal PR or Eucharistic icon? Rist, Rebecca | pdf icon
[126]-135 Quaesivi vultum tuum : liturgy, figura and Christ's presence Milanese, Guido | pdf icon
[136]-143 Face to face with Christ in Late medieval Rome : the Veil of Veronica in papal liturgy and ceremony Bölling, Jörg | pdf icon
[144]-155 Origins of the liturgical veneration of the Roman Veronica Lang, Uwe Michael | pdf icon
III. The Promotion of the Veronica Cult
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[158]-167 The Roman hospital of Santo Spirito in Sassia and the cult of the Vera Icon Drossbach, Gisela | pdf icon
[168]-179 Eating the Face of Christ : Philip the Good and his physical relationship with Veronicas Rudy, Kathryn M. | pdf icon
[180]-193 Sui pretiossisimi vultus Imago : Veronica e prassi indulgenziale nel XIII e all'inizio del XIV secolo Doublier, Étienne | pdf icon
[194]-217 From holy images to liturgical devices : models, objects and rituals around the Veronicae of Christ and Mary in the Crown of Aragon (1300–1550) Sureda i Jubany, Marc | pdf icon
[218]-229 Datum Avenioni : the Avignon Papacy and the custody of the Veronica Di Fruscia, Chiara | pdf icon
IV. The Spread of the Veronica Cult
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[232]-249 Où il y a une Veronique attachiée dedens' : images of the Veronica in religious manuscripts, with special attention for the Dukes of Burgundy and their family van Asperen, Haneke | pdf icon
[250]-259 The Veronica of Boniface of Verona Petoletti, Marco; Piacentini, Angelo | pdf icon
[260]-273 The iconography of the Veronica in the region of Lombardy: 13th–14th centuries Candiani, Stefano | pdf icon
[274]-285 The Roman Veronica and the Holy Face of Lucca: parallelism and tangents in the formation of their respective traditions Savigni, Raffaele | pdf icon
[286]-301 The Iconography of the Roman Veronica : from the repertoires of Karl Pearson to Veronica Route Zardoni, Raffaella; Bossi, Emanuela; Murphy, Amanda | pdf icon
hidden section Photographic credits
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[302]-303 Photographic credits | pdf icon