Convivium 2021, roč. 8, č. Supplementum 3

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Means of Christian Conversion in Late Antiquity: Objects, Bodies, and Rituals
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2336-3452 (print)
2336-808X (online)
  • Edited by Klára Doležalová, Ivan Foletti, Katarína Kravčíková & Pavla Tichá
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[10]-18 Means of Christian conversion in Late Antiquity Doležalová, Klára; Foletti, Ivan; Kravčíková, Katarína; Tichá, Pavla | pdf icon
Body-Changing Touch
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[22]-41 Activation of the Invisible : a prolegomenon to the evolution of the consecration of baptismal water in the Latin West as a performative and sensorial act : the Roman rite (3rd–9th century) Bruderer Eichberg, Barbara | pdf icon
[42]-61 Vatican Hill in the time of conversion : the Phrygianum neighboring old Saint Peter's Tichá, Pavla; Kulhánková, Markéta | pdf icon
[62]-77 Conversion to Jesus as a healer God : visual and textual evidence Jensen, Robin Margaret | pdf icon
Body-Affecting Objects
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[78]-97 Purifying body and soul : Late Antique combs, their use and visual culture Achverdjanová, Gajane; Foletti, Ivan | pdf icon
[98]-113 Luxury for all (?) : ivory diptychs and their use in the baptismal liturgy Frantová, Zuzana | pdf icon
[114]-127 Materiality and the sensation of sin in Late Antique pre-baptismal rituals : the short-lived "Rite of the Cilicium" Day, Juliette J. | pdf icon
Commemorating Deceased Bodies
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[128]-145 Shrines, special burials, and the Christianization of Britain Bunce, Megan | pdf icon
[146]-167 Converting minds, eyes, and bodies? : the early cult of relics between rhetoric and material practices in northern Italy and Gallia Filipová, Alžběta; Palladino, Adrien | pdf icon
hidden section Photographic credits
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[168]-169 Photographic credits | pdf icon
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[171] Selected publications of the Centre for Early Medieval Studies, Department of Art History, Masaryk University | pdf icon