Convivium 2016, roč. 3, č. Supplementum

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The medieval South Caucasus: artistic cultures of Albania, Armenia and Georgia
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2336-3452 (print)
2336-808X (online)
  • Edited by Ivan Foletti and Erik Thunø with the collaboration of Adrien Palladino
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10-16 The artistic cultures of the medieval South Caucasus : historiography, myths and objects : introduction Foletti, Ivan; Thunø, Erik | pdf icon
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20-35 The Russian view of a 'peripheral' region : Nikodim P. Kondakov and the Southern Caucasus Foletti, Ivan | pdf icon
36-51 Southern Caucasus in perspective : the scholarly debate through the pages of seminarium Kondakovianum and Skythika (1927–1938) Lovino, Francesco | pdf icon
52-69 Medieval monuments from empire to nation state : beyond Armenian and Islamic architecture in the South Caucasus (1180–1300) Blessing, Patricia | pdf icon
70-87 The monument and the world : Zuart'noc' and the problem of origins Maranci, Christina | pdf icon
88-105 Greeks bearing gifts: the icon of Xaxuli and enamel diplomacy between Byzantium and Georgia Eastmond, Anthony | pdf icon
106-123 Medieval Art and modern approaches : a new look at the Akhtala paintings Bulia, Marina; Janjalia, Mzia | pdf icon
124-143 Toward a detailed typology: four-sided stelae in Early Christian South Caucasus Tchakerian, Sipana | pdf icon
144-159 Cross-cultural dressing, the medieval South Caucasus and art history Thunø, Erik | pdf icon
160-175 Early Christian Churches in Caucasian Albania Plontke-Lüning, Annegret | pdf icon
176-187 Relics, woodworking, and the skins of reptiles : the material culture of Caucasian Albania Jones, Lynn | pdf icon
188-205 Svanetien – das letzte Mittelalter Europas Kevkhishvili, Marina | pdf icon
206-225 Echoes of Golgotha : on the iconization of monumental crosses in medieval Svanet'i Bacci, Michele | pdf icon
hidden section Photographic credits
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226-227 Photographic credits | pdf icon