Convivium 2020, roč. 7, č. 2

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2336-3452 (print)
2336-808X (online)
  • Edited by Ivan Foletti and Zuzana Frantová
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11-12 Exchanges and interactions in a time of pandemic Foletti, Ivan; Frantová, Zuzana | pdf icon
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14-35 The meanings of Byzantium : the church of Abu-Ghosh (Emmaus) and the meanings of Byzantine pictorial language in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem Fishhof, Gil | pdf icon
36-57 Die Ausmalungen der Wiener Virgilkapelle : die visuelle Kultur in Byzanz, im Kaukasus, in Syrien und Nordmesopotamien Bergmeier, Armin F. | pdf icon
58-73 Between three worlds : the "Veneto-Saracenic" candleholder of Docheiariou Monastery Vryzidis, Nikolaos | pdf icon
74-91 Cross-cultural features in medieval art : the case of the early fourteenth-century wall paintings at the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem Janjalia, Mzia | pdf icon
92-109 Painted crosses and the trajectories of medieval image captions : evidence from thirteenth-century Zadar and beyond Marušić, Matko Matija | pdf icon
110-131 Trame di storia : il mosaico di Otranto, le cronache universali e l'immagine della regalità Molteni, Ilaria; Quadri, Irene | pdf icon
132-157 Artistic exchanges across Afro-Eurasia : a global taste for metal artifacts from Mamluk Syria and Egypt in Italy, West Africa, and China in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries Schulz, Vera-Simone | pdf icon
Chronicle and debates
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160-185 Roundtable: Medieval art today, why? Bacci, Michele; Dell'Acqua, Francesca; Foletti, Ivan; Michalsky, Tanja; Krüger, Klaus; Romano, Serena; Belting, Hans; Kesner, Ladislav | pdf icon
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188-191 [Immerzeel, Mat. The narrow way to heaven: identity and identities in the art of Middle Eastern Christianity] Bacci, Michele | pdf icon
192-198 [Dell'Acqua, Francesca. Iconophilia: politics, religion, preaching, and the use of images in Rome, c. 680–880] Foletti, Ivan | pdf icon
199-202 [Bergmeier, Armin F. Visionserwartung: Visualisierung und Präsenzerfahrung des Göttlichen in der Spätantike] Palladino, Adrien | pdf icon
hidden section Photographic credits
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[204]-205 Photographic credits | pdf icon