Convivium 2019, roč. 6, č. 2

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2336-3452 (print)
2336-808X (online)
  • Edited by Ivan Foletti and Elisabetta Scirocco with the collaboration of Karolina Foletti
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11-13 Environment, democracy, and Convivium Foletti, Ivan; Scirocco, Elisabetta | pdf icon
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[16]-29 Aeizōon to amaranton : intercultural collaboration in a late Byzantine nature study Griebeler, Andrew | pdf icon
[30]-45 "... dove l'epidemia fotografica si è diffusa" : architectural photographs in nineteenth-century Sicily Dercks, Ute | pdf icon
[46]-59 Una mitra angioina perduta poi ritrovata : il problema dello smalto de plique tra Parigi e Napoli nel Trecento Distefano, Giampaolo | pdf icon
[60]-77 The transfiguration and the Eikon of Christ : from Eusebius's letter to Costantina to the iconoclast era Bordino, Chiara | pdf icon
[78]-97 Trecento panel painting between the courts of Naples and Hungary : a hypothesis for Simone Martini's Saint Ladislaus and a Painting of Christ on the Cross Kozlowski, Sarah K. | pdf icon
[98]-119 Human flight on a fabulous superbird : uplifting images between Sicily and Khurasan Kapitaikin, Lev | pdf icon
Chronicle and debates
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[122]-127 The rediscovery of a Byzantine capital, reused as a baptismal font, in the Nativity Church, Bethlehem Bacci, Michele | pdf icon
[128]-135 The Wolfgang Born – Kondakov Institute correspondence : art history, freedom, and the rising fear in the 1930s Palladino, Adrien | pdf icon
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138-142 [Wegener-Rieckesmann, Marcel. Bischof Gaudiosus, die heilige Restituta und die ecclesia Neapolitana: zu den Zeugnissen vandalenzeitlicher Exilanten und dem kulturellen nordafrikanischen Einfluss in Neapel sowie zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der örtlichen Bischofskirche zwischen dem 4. und 9. Jahrhundert] Croci, Chiara | pdf icon
143-146 [The Art of Medieval Hungary] Hoch, Adrian S. | pdf icon
147-150 [Evans, Helen C. (ed.). Armenia: art, religion, and trade in the Middle Ages ; Maranci, Christina. The art of Armenia: an introduction] Utidjian, Haig | pdf icon
hidden section Photographic credits
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[152]-153 Photographic credits | pdf icon