Je postmodernismus ještě moderní – nebo módní?

Title: Je postmodernismus ještě moderní – nebo módní?
Source document: Voisine-Jechová, Hana. Postmodernismus : smysl, funkce a výklad : (jazyk, literatura, kultura, politika). Pospíšil, Ivo (Editor); Šaur, Josef (Editor); Zelenková, Anna (Editor). 1. vyd. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2012, pp. [123]-130
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The postmodernism is today often taken as an artistic expression of last fifty years, but it can be connected also with the postmodernity which is a pessimist reaction to an "optimist modernity", and in this acceptation, we can find it since the end of 18th century and even before. It has some stamps of the fatigue accompanying divers "ends of civilisation" and it is founded at the contrast of naturalism and antimetic dreams. The narrative structures are relaxed ; essay, personal confession and literary fiction interpenetrate each other. But we find also a geat deal of "diverting lectures" (crime-stories, love ou sexual stories) which are not much influenced of aesthetic tendencies of our time, but which seem to be characteristic of our "postmodernist" society. In the other way, the public is favourable at the "documentary" works (biography, autobiography)? At the same time the young people is delighted from Harry Potter, hero, which incarnates, in a traditional way, virtu and audacity.