Contents of the database 

The Digital Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University is divided into several basic sections (collections): 

  • *journals published since 1991; 
  • *22 closed series of the Proceedings of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Brno (19522012); 
  • general book editions, of which the *Writings of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno are included from the beginning of publication (1923) until now;
  • specialized book editions published since 1991; 
  • monographs and collections published outside editions since 2013. 

Items marked with an asterisk are included in their completness and are regularly updated (except for the Proceedings of the Faculty of Arts BU, which closed in 2012).

Structure of the database 

DL FF MU is a classical bibliographic database with document records that are arranged hierarchically and enriched with full texts: 

  • for journals and the Proceedings of the Faculty of Arts BU, it is possible to go from a specific title with an overview of all included volumes to a specific volume or issue and then to single-volume articles with a metadata (bibliographic) description and full text in PDF format; 
  • for book editions, it is possible to expand individual issues of the edition, i.e. titles of monographs or proceedings, and view their metadata (bibliographic) description and full text in PDF format (similarly for individual books outside editions) 

For some documents, full text is not available due to licensing, technical or other reasons (these documents represent a fraction of the number of documents in the entire database).

Browsing the database 

In addition to the document view, DL FF MU also offers the option of browsing by: 

  • individual fields of study taught at FF MUeach field of study lists the broader area (domain) to which the field belongs, then the FF MU institute that teaches the field and whose members publish in the field, and then all journals and editions, supplemented by chronologically arranged journal issues, monographs and proceedings; 
  • FF MU institutesa section containing a list of all relevant faculty units and is further divided according to the same principles as individual disciplines; 
  • names of authors of individual texts; 
  • names of documents

Database search 

DL FF MU offers several search options: 

  • blue boxsearch for any string anywhere in the database, or limit the results to metadata (document description) or full text of the document; 
  • advanced basic searchcontains a selection of main data; suitable for general users;
  • advanced expert searchpossibility to define a structured query consisting of any field of the document record and logical operators; suitable for advanced users. 

Search results can also be refined by selected filters, which appear in the left part of the screen in blue frames. 

Search results can be sorted according to specified criteria.

Further information 

Information about the creation and content of the DL FF MU is available on the About page, and general questions and comments can be sent to us via the form. Comments and questions about individual documents can be sent via the Feedback link located next to each entry.