Journals (1991– )​

infoicon A complete list of all journals published by individual departments of the FF MU. More in the help.​
Annales psychologici (2014–2015)
Convivium (2014–)
Opera Slavica (1991–)
Porta Balkanica (2009–)
Pro-Fil (2000–)
ProInflow (2009–)
Religio (1993–)
Sacra (2003–)
Theatralia (2009–)
TIM ezin (2011–2014)

Proceedings of the Faculty of Arts at Brno University (1952–2012)

infoicon A complete list of all Proceedings historical series; most of the proceedings series have been turned into journal titles in the first decade of the 21st century. More in the help.

General book series

infoicon In addition to partial editions, especially the Proceedings, which covers mostly monographs of FF MU members. More in the help.​
MUNI ARTS 100 (2019–)
Věda do kapsy (1991–1995)

Specialized book series (1991– )

infoicon Selected list of subject-focused editions. More in the help.
Litteraria humanitas (1991–2012)
Religionistika (1995–2005)
Torzo (1997–2008)

Single books (2013– )

infoicon Selected list of specialized publications of FF MU members. More in the help.