За фразеологичния статус на терминологичните съчетания

Title: За фразеологичния статус на терминологичните съчетания
Transliterated title
Za frazeologičnija status na terminologičnite săčetanija
Variant title:
  • On the phraseological status of the multi-word terms
Source document: Genew-Puhalewa, Iliana. Jihoslovanská frazeologie kontrastivně. Krejčí, Pavel (Editor); Krejčová, Elena (Editor). Vydání první Brno: Filozofická fakulta, Masarykova univerzita, 2016, pp. 120-129
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The text discusses the issue whether it is reasonable for multi-word terms to be considered as phraseological units. In order to prove her thesis the author outlines the characteristics of multi-word terms using twelve distinctive features of the phraseological units identified by Andrzej Bogusławski (1994). The linguistic argumentation is based on modern environmental terminology, which occurs more frequently compared to the classic idioms. The revision of the understanding the boundaries of the phraseology, as well the linguistic characteristics of the complex terms, has been seen in the fact that the languages for special purposes, whose core are terms, are increasingly important for the modern societies due to the high prestige of all phenomena directly or indirectly related to science.