Theatralia 2019, vol. 22, iss. 1

Issue title
Ingmar Bergman recontextualised
Publication year
1803-845X (print)
2336-4548 (online)
  • Editorka čísla (Issue editor): Karolína Stehlíková (Masaryk University, Brno, CZ)
Page Title
9-12 Ingmar Bergman's afterlife Stehlíková, Karolína | pdficon
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13-30 Persona revisited : filling in the gaps via the original script Švachová, Romana | pdficon
31-44 The temporality of truth : deception and self-deception in Ingmar Bergman's The Best Intentions Perregaard, Bettina | pdficon
45-60 Silent Bergman full of words Hanáčková, Andrea; Bojda, Tomáš | pdficon
61-75 The Seventh Seal on the Czech stage Stehlíková, Eva | pdficon
76-87 Ingmar Bergman's Guests at the Last Supper in the time of nuclear threats Dlask, Jan | pdficon
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89-96 Performing memory – workers' strikes in post-war Poland Sosnowska, Dorota | pdficon
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97-100 Between film, short story and novel : interview with Zbyněk Černík Stehlíková, Karolína; Černík, Zbyněk | pdficon
101-104 Bergman as a master of expression : interview with Jan Holmberg Stehlíková, Karolína; Holmberg, Jan | pdficon
105-113 Film jako zajížďka : Ingmar Bergman jako spisovatel Holmberg, Jan | pdficon
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115-118 Bergman's theatre is the serious game Drozd, David | pdficon
119-121 Writing film, writing literature: new Czech translations of four Ingmar Bergman's film short stories Šík, Jan-Marek | pdficon
122-125 The master and his manuscript Stehlíková, Karolína | pdficon
126-128 Much ado about Disney? Zálešáková, Tereza | pdficon
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129-131 Ingmar Bergman, the multimedial author Tóthová, Kristína | pdficon
132-136 Ingmar Bergman's 100th anniversary celebration in the Czech Republic Solčániová, Ivona | pdficon
137-140 Helena Kadečková (14 August 1932 – 30 June 2018) Březinová, Helena | pdficon
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141-149 Posters of Bergman's movies | pdficon
hidden section Divadelní revue
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[150] Divadelní revue | pdficon
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[151] Bringing the North closer to the heart of Europe | pdficon