Studia paedagogica 2019, vol. 24, iss. 4

Issue title
Better learning through argumentation
Publication year
1803-7437 (print)
2336-4521 (online)
  • Editors of the issue: Alina Reznitskaya, Roman Švaříček
Page Title
[5]-10 Better learning through argumentation : editorial Reznitskaya, Alina; Švaříček, Roman | pdficon
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[11]-44 The dimensions of argumentative texts and their assessment Macagno, Fabrizio; Rapanta, Chrysi | pdficon
[45]-61 Bewilderment as a pragmatic ingredient of teacher-student dialogic interactions Rapanta, Chrysi | pdficon
[63]-84 Measuring production and comprehension of written arguments in upper-elementary grades Reznitskaya, Alina; Wilkinson, Ian A. G. | pdficon
[85]-100 Are classroom discussions on controversial political issues in civic education lessons cognitively challenging? : a closer look at discussions with assigned positions Gronostay, Dorothee | pdficon
[101]-118 Analysis of different categories of epistemic and metacognitive discourse in argumentation Av-Shalom, Na'ama Y.; Zimmerman, Randi M.; Chinn, Clark A.; Duncan, Ravit G. | pdficon
[119]-141 Critical perspective taking : promoting and assessing online written argumentation for dialogic focus McNaughton, Stuart; Zhu, Tong; Rosedale, Naomi; Oldehaver, Jacinta; Jesson, Rebecca; Greenleaf, Cynthia | pdficon
[143]-171 The role of the teacher in supporting students' epistemic thinking in dialogic argumentation : a case study Švaříček, Roman | pdficon
[173]-198 Exploring teacher contributions to student argumentation quality Oyler, Joe | pdficon
[199]-219 Three dimensions of dialogicity in dialogic argumentation Hähkiöniemi, Markus; Lehesvuori, Sami; Nieminen, Pasi; Hiltunen, Jenna; Jokiranta, Kaisa | pdficon
Emerging researchers
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[221]-243 A case of teacher and student mathematical problem-solving behaviors from the perspective of a cognitive-metacognitive framework Sözen Özdoğan, Sinem; Özçakır, Bilal; Orhan, Burcu | pdficon