Architektonické proměny portálu a kostela sv. Martina v Dolních Loučkách

Title: Architektonické proměny portálu a kostela sv. Martina v Dolních Loučkách
Variant title:
  • Architectural transformations in the portal and the church of St. Martinin Dolní Loučky
Author: Flídr, Aleš
Source document: Opuscula historiae artium. 2011, vol. 60 [55], iss. 2, pp. 76-91
  • ISSN
    1211-7390 (print)
    2336-4467 (online)
Type: Article
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The article examines the development of the construction of the church of St. Martin in Dolní Loučky near Tišnov, which in the 13th century was in the possession of the relatively rich family of the Lords of Deblín. The late Romanesque longitudinal nave with a tower in front of the western facade later had a Gothic presbytery added to it. A vault was not built into the building until the Baroque period. A relatively large portal used to be located in the southern wall of the church, but in the mid-15th century it was removed and transferred to the front wall of the tower. In carrying out this operation, the stonemasons could not avoid some changes that were required by the new setting and different architectural principles, but nevertheless they managed to preserve the original appearance of the edifice, for which there exist many parallels both in the Czech Republic and elsewhere.
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