Graeco-Latina Brunensia 2016, vol. 21, iss. 2

Publication year
1803-7402 (print)
2336-4424 (online)
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7-9 Rozloučení s Antonínem Bartoňkem, emeritním profesorem Ústavu klasických studií Filozofické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity v Brně : Antonín Bartoněk (*29. 10. 1926 – †30. 5. 2016) Urbanová, Daniela | pdficon
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10-13 Farewell to Antonín Bartoněk, professor emeritus of the Department of Classical Studies at Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno : Antonín Bartoněk (*October 29th 1926 – †May 30th 2016) Urbanová, Daniela | pdficon
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15-37 Bibliografický soupis publikací prof. Antonína Bartoňka Žáková, Anna; Žáková, Marie | pdficon
Články – Articles
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39-50 Artemis and her family Blažek, Václav | pdficon
51-60 The punishment of the Hellespont by Xerxes: perception of religious behaviour of the enemy in conflict situations Briquel, Dominique | pdficon
61-69 Bredsdorff über die Analogie : zur Geschichte des Analogiebegriffs im frühen 19. Jahrhundert Brogyanyi, Bela | pdficon
71-79 The status of the 'progressive aspect' in the Hellenistic Greek of the New Testament Bubeník, Vít | pdficon
81-98 The 'phonetic complex' in Renaissance Latin grammar : Petrus Ramus's dichotomies and their reflections in two vernacular grammatical texts Buzássyová, Ľudmila | pdficon
99-115 The Greek of Italy between archaism, internal evolution and contact phenomena Consani, Carlo | pdficon
117-123 Randbemerkungen über hom. κορυϑαίoλος Cuzzolin, Pierluigi | pdficon
125-156 Beyond faith and reason: epistemic justification in earliest Christianity Franek, Juraj | pdficon
157-167 Epimenides' tale of the birth of Zeus Kaczyńska, Elwira | pdficon
169-182 Marking the end of direct speech in Late Latin Mikulová, Jana | pdficon
183-200 Negation in Ancient Greek: a typological approach Muchnová, Dagmar | pdficon
201-213 Aspects of Balkan Latin Panagl, Oswald; Fykias, Ioannis | pdficon
215-228 Improved ass? : Apuleius' metamorphoses in his novel Metamorphoses Petrovićová, Katarina; Gachallová, Natália | pdficon
229-246 Family relations of stock characters in Atellan farce – a few remarks on the influence of palliata on Atellana Pieczonka, Joanna | pdficon
247-264 Arguments for marriage in Clement of Alexandria's Stromateis II–III Plátová, Jana | pdficon
265-301 Two anonymous sermons from manuscript Ms 434 in Leipzig University Library Pumprová, Anna | pdficon
303-309 Lesbian: ἀθρήματα (Hsch. A 1621) Sowa, Wojciech | pdficon
311-315 Once again on the Pella curse tablet Sucharski, Robert A. | pdficon
317-327 Lacertus in der Geschichte der anatomischen Nomenklatur Šimon, František; Zborovjan, Martin; Marečková-Štolcová, Elena | pdficon
329-343 Alcune particolarità della comparazione (quomodo – sic, quemadmodum – sic, ita uti – sic) in latino volgare, con particolare attenzione alle defixiones Urbanová, Daniela | pdficon